Nouvelles Micro-Series Comic Confirmées

Source : Equestria Daily

De nouveaux comics avec nos mane 6 sont confirmées. Voici l’article parut chez nos copains de Equestria Daily aujourd’hui.

IDW editor Bobby Curnow over on the official comic pony forums answers questions periodically as fans ask them, and one of the bigger responses was the confirmation that we will be seeing more micro-series comics past the mane 6. Have a quote: 

Thanks for nice words! Yeah, July is sorta Big Mac month! (though his role in the micro is pretty minimal)

I think I can confirm that there WILL be more micros! You’ll have to wait a month to see what the next one will be though!

The Digests are specifically meant for the book market, I believe. As such, I think the idea is to get them out to the masses in a timely manner. Not sure how often they’ll be… I imagine it will depend on how the first one does. But it’s not my department, I really don’t know much about it.


The big question is, which pony will they pick? Are they going to branch off from the usual and start exploring background ponies?

Only time, and your money, will tell!  If there is anything to throw those dollar bills at, it’s these comics.  They are all we have for another year!

By Equestria Daily


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