Filly Funtasia s’offre un nouveau trailer

Souvenez vous, nous en avons parlé ici sur le blog, Filly Funtasia, créé par Simba-Dickie-Group, un fabriquant de jouets allemand, pour surfer sur la popularité de My Little Pony.


Voici un nouveau trailer entraînant nous présentant les différents Poneys du film. Aucune date de sortie cependant n’a encore filtré.

L’animation est tout en 3D, les Poneys ont un aspect ultra mignon pour plaire au plus grand nombre mais est ce assez pour surfer sur la vague de Mon Petit Poney ?


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  1. (eng)

    I find it charming that you’re insisting that this show is inherently linked with My Little Pony. Have you had a chance to acquaint yourself with the toy lines of Filly?


      • Sure!

        It is a fairly aged European toy line which started in 2006-2007. Almost every new year, a new Filly toy line was released. They are primarily collectibles – each toy line has a well-defined setting, world and story, 20 or so characters (each character also has a short description), family trees, love relationships, and, usually, a large set of stories in books and comic books.

        Toy lines are strictly separate from each other (although there are some rare exceptions), and differ from each other greatly. There is a pretty standard Princess line, and then Fairies, Unicorns, Elves, Mermaids, Witches, Butterflies and now so-called Stars – all of the toy lines are Fillies, or horses. Yes, even Butterflies.

        You can read more about each individual toy line on the official websites:

        I’m not sure if you can change the « /us/ » portion of the links above to « /fr/ », but give it a try. :)

        These websites have only the brief, surface-level description of Filly, but I am sure this will suffice for now. :)

        There are also additional toy lines I did not talk about, including small toy lines and discontinued toy lines.

        Filly Funtasia has been in the works for at least three years by now, and it includes elements from the majority of the toy lines – it feels like a huge gift, personally.

        It all may have been inspired by My Little Pony G3, however I think it is different enough to be free of the « plagiarism » and « rip off » labels.

        Have a nice day!


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